Awaken By Skye Malone

Well this was a rather interesting novel, that’s for sure. I’m still not entirely sure what I think about it overall. I do like the fact that there are mermaids in this novel, and that the novel revolves around them. Mostly due to the fact that I haven’t read a decent mermaid novel in a while. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to say that this was a decent novel. I felt like this novel could have been something more if given the proper amount of attention.

Chloe has wanted nothing more in her life than to visit the ocean. It’s all that she’s thought about since she was a little girl. But her parents hate the ocean with a fiery passion. They’ve destroyed all things related to the ocean that she made, and have even forbidden her from even asking about it. So when Chloe is given the chance to go see the ocean that she loves so much, she of course ask her parents to let her go. Which in turn caused her to run away. Because seeing the ocean means a lot to her, so much more of that her parents can imagine. And it’s everything that she could have imagined and much more. It’s a beautiful blue abyss that goes on forever. She’s having such a great time with her friend, and an even better time with her friend’s step-brother Noah. There’s just something about Noah that draws Chloe to him. Maybe it’s because of the way that he helped to save her from drowning. Or the way that he was always there for her after something bad happen to her. Well whatever the case may be it has certainly attracted the attention of a certain boy. One that has glowing eyes, and he seems to be following her everywhere. So when she starts to see him along the beach she starts to get scared. Because the strange boy may just be everything that she was looking for.

This novel would be classified as a young adult fantasy novel. One that has romance and adventure in it. However, the romance is really close to non-existent, if it even existed at all. It’s one of those novels that supposed to be romantic on some level, but instead it’s not. Which in turn just made the plot to this novel a bit more confusing. The plot of this novel is one that we’ve all heard before. Girl gets lost and boy helps her out. Which quite literally describes this whole novel right there. So my recommendation isn’t necessarily a good one. I believe that this novel isn’t really worth the time to read. There’s better novels out there that deserve the attention more than this one.


*Read on June 6th, 2016

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