Become By Skye Malone

I’m glad that this is the final novel in this series. This series has confused the hell out of me and I’m getting tired of it. The viewpoints are changing constantly and the author keeps adding to it. This is something that all authors should avoid it if at all possible, because it hardly ever works out. It certainly doesn’t work with this novel and I don’t think that Skye Malone has figured that out yet. It’s a damn shame that she didn’t realize this sooner.

In this novel Chloe and Zeke have had everything that could possibly go wrong, actually go wrong. When they were at the wizard’s house the Beast found them. Something in Chloe’s powers had messed up his protective barriers and signaled the Beast. Because of this the wizard’s powers and the Beast’s all combined into one. Which sent out a blast that has somehow changed everyone. In ways that they can’t even begin to understand yet. Now the wizard is dead and the Beast is more powerful than ever. However, before the wizard died he made Chloe a potion. A potion that will transform her into either Landwalker or are Dehaian, but not both. This scares Chloe, because she can’t imagine her life as a Landwalker. It’s the one thing that she doesn’t want to become and she’ll do anything to prevent it. That’s why the potion is a last resort for her. So instead of doing that Zeke comes up with another plan. A plan that involves going to see his mother for the first time in years. One that may not even work. Which is why Chloe also adds her own idea to plan. Making it a plan that everyone is willing to risk everything for. However, when they all start on their way to see Zeke’s mother they’re captured. Captured by a man who is known for being harsh and who also happens to look a lot like Chloe too.

This novel is a lot like the others in this series in every way, shape, and form. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel, with bits of action, fighting, and mystery to it. There’s really no romance to it at all, even when the author tries to insist there is. That’s just not how the plot of this novel plays out. This plot has more frustration and anguish in it the most do. Which just makes the plot somewhat bearable. The anguish sort of takes away all of the unnecessary stuff that we had to read throughout the earlier novels. Making it at least more bearable for us. However, this doesn’t change my recommendation at all. Because I highly recommend that you don’t even bother picking up this novel. Or searching for this series either. It’s all just a big waste of time and I’m not even sure why I wasted mine by reading them.


*Read on June 12th, 2016

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