Black Iris By Leah Raeder

This is one messed-up novel, that’s for sure. Actually that’s one of the only things that I’m one hundred percent sure of when it comes to this novel. Because this novel has a bunch of issues in it, all related to things that can, and do truly happen. It’s based upon real life events which happens to teenagers very often nowadays. It talks about drugs, mental illnesses, rape, and sex all at once. It’s like the ultimate novel on how to do all of these awful things. However, it most likely has the opposite effect, because it shows how screwed up the characters’ lives are because of it. The second thing that I’m sure of with this novel is that it’s one hell of a revenge novel.

In this novel the main character is Laney. Laney’s whole life has been made up of one constant mistake after another. She’s always been different and with her mother telling her so, it just pushed her over the edge. To escape the endless pain she’s taken up drugs and having sex with random men. This helped Laney cope with what she had become, but the Band-Aid that kept her sane would soon be ripped away. When Laney finds her mother dead after her suicide attempt she’s told by her father that she has to move to her college dorm. She’s becoming a bad influence on her younger brother and even she knows that she should leave. However, one of the things that they don’t know about is that she has a secret. A secret that will help her to get revenge on the people who have all done her wrong. But every revenge plan needs a few accomplices with it and Laney’s are going to be Artemis and Apollo. They just don’t know it yet. However, for Laney’s plan to work she needs to find Artemis and Apollo first and when she does everything starts to fall into place. Except for the fact that she’s starting to fall for one of them. That wasn’t a part of her plan and it may just be the end of it if she’s not careful.

This novel would be classified as a young adult novel. It’s a bit dark, creepy, and is definitely twisted at times. It’s one of those novels that only a certain type of person would read, because it’s just that freaky. It’s actually not a very exciting novel at all and it’s really quite boring at certain times. This could be because of the simple fact that it’s a morbid tale. However, the plot of this novel was very well thought out. Which is surprising given the contents of this novel. Especially talking about events that could quite possibly happen to anyone given the right circumstances. So as far as my recommendation for this novel goes, I’d say that it’s one of that you may not enjoy. Overall, the novel was really depressing and I’m not really sure that it should be read by some people.


*Read on April 6th, 2016

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