Come Away With Me By Kristen Proby

This truly was just an awful novel. It was all done in a monotone way that made me want to bash my head up against the wall. I don’t know why anyone would want to read this novel anyways. Heck, the only reason that I wanted to read it was because the cover deceived me and the back of the novel made it seem interesting. Yeah it would have been same storyline as many others, but at least it looked worthy. Oh boy, was that a huge lie. This has got to be one of the worst novels that I’ve ever read. Which is saying something, because I usually never hand out an all-out bad review like this.

In this novel the two main characters are Natalie and Luke. Natalie is a freelance photographer with a hard past. Her parents both died a while back and left her with quite a sum of money. But while the money is okay, she’d much rather have her parents back instead. Her father had helped her through one of the toughest trials of her life. He helped convict the man that raped her when she was only a teenager. It was through that trial that changed her life and made her the person that she is today. It’s because of that trial that she has the money to do what she wants and loves. She’d much rather do photography then be stuck doing something she hates. Which includes being yelled at by random strangers. Even if they are handsome. So when a man gets in her face about taking his picture, she gets right back into his. Proving to him that she wasn’t taking pictures of him, just of the ocean in front of them. Leaving him embarrassed and at a loss for words. So he does what any man would do. He asked her out on a date. Which Natalie then refuses to do. Now he seems to follow her everywhere, because he keeps popping up in random places. Natalie is starting to become interested in Luke and the longer she’s around him the more fascinating he becomes. However, Luke has a secret that he is keeping from her. One that may change everything that Natalie has ever thought about him.

This novel is supposed to be a romance novel and while it can be taken that way, it just doesn’t read that way. Everything about this novel is fast-paced and it didn’t need to be. Because it was so fast-paced the novel read like a poorly written one. It made it seem like the author didn’t care about how the plot went. Which is just sad for those of us who love to read. Because the plot to this novel really is that awful. It’s boring and very tasteless at certain times. It’s a novel that isn’t pleasing at all and it’s quite offending too. Just because people think that this is how a romantic novel should go. So I’d say that this novel is a no-go when it comes to reading it. As a reader I’d say that you could do much better than this one and it wouldn’t be worth your time to read it.


*Read on March 19th, 2016

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