Dark Heir By Faith Hunter

Oh, how I still love these novels. They’re still so gritty and raw. Actually now that I think about it these novels are a lot like Karen Chance’s novels. They have a lot of information in them and needs to be read slowly. Otherwise, you you’d miss certain bits and pieces of it. Which is why this novel took me so long to read in the first place. Not because this is a boring novel, because it’s far from that. It’s just a novel that needs to be savored and appreciated more.

In this novel Jane has quite the problem on her hands. A problem that she should have taken care of a long time ago. Although, to be fair she has staked this particular problem a few times already. The bitch just keeps waking the hell up. Adrianna has that bad habit and the fact that Leo keeps her alive isn’t helping any. But now everything has fallen apart again, because that bitch has sent a Son of Darkness loose upon the city. Joses has been let loose and its Janes worst nightmare. Within the first hour he’s killed over a dozen humans and a few vampires. Within the first day he’s renamed the Fifty-Two Killer by the media. Now he’s feeding at random and everyone is scared about who’s going to be next on his list. So Jane does the only thing she knows how to do. She steps down as Leo’s Enforcer and starts hunting again. Jane is back to being the vampire hunter that she used to be and she’s glad to do it. She even has a plan to try and stop him. But every plan can go wrong at times, and Jane’s plan definitely went wrong. Now Joses is going on a rampage and it’s all Jane’s fault. Now she has to find a way to stop him and fast. Because at the rate that Joses is going he’s going to end up killing a lot more people.

This novel is a great example of an urban fantasy novel, but it’s not just that. It’s got action, romance, fighting, ass kicking, and an awesome heroine too. In short, it’s got a little bit of everything to it. Making the plot just that much better. The plot to this novel is one that we were all waiting for, but by no means does that make it a predictable novel. Because this novel certainly isn’t that. It has a few twists in it that really weren’t expected at all. Turning this novel into one that fits right into this series. Making my recommendation that much easier on me. Because this is a must-read novel for any urban fantasy lovers out there. It’s one that you will certainly enjoy to the fullest.


*Read on June 5th, 2016

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