Dark Stranger By Susan Sizemore

First off I’d like to start this out by saying, what the hell did I just read! I mean this novel really had me going at first that’s for sure. I actually thought that this series had gotten bumped up to the far future, that’s how messed up my brain was. It really threw me for a loop when I read the ending, and I must say that I’m very impressed with what I read. Susan Sizemore has gone above and beyond with this novel. It’s just in the way that she wrote the whole thing. She brought so much to life in just one novel. Making it to where if there had been an actual series based on this novel I’d most definitely read the whole thing.

In this novel we see the main characters Zoe and Doc fall in love. Zoe is the heir to a throne and can’t tell anyone. She’s been captured by the enemy and can’t even tell anybody that. Not that she would even if she could. Zoe doesn’t want to hurt anyone if she can help it. So when she has to go undercover as a lieutenant she does it wholeheartedly. If keeping her identity a secret will keep every species safe then she’d do it all over again. Her plan was going well too, that is, until she comes across Doc. Doc’s been stuck in this underground hell hole for sixteen months now, and it still doesn’t get any easier for him. He’s the commander of the human section of the prison, and he rules them with an iron fist. He’s never really had a problem in his section either, but lately there seems to be one. And it all seemed to start when Lieutenant Zoe came down to them. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zoe was helping to keep peace between the other species and the humans, then he’d be rather suspicious. As it is he’s already far too intrigued about Zoe and it’s starting to affect her. Zoe is starting to get nervous about what doc thinks he knows. He already watches her like a hawk and keeps her around him at all times. But what she’s afraid of is what may happen if he finds out who she really is. Which he’s very close to discovering.

This is quite a novel that’s for sure. Its quiet an action packed, kick ass, romantic, adventurous novel. It’s got all of this and much more in it. That’s what made this such a great novel. It has so much going on in it that you’ll never know what to expect next. It’s one of the thrills that goes with reading this novel. Between all of this and the plot for this novel, then you’ll get one very happy reader. It’d be hard not to be when it’s got such an attention-grabber. That’s what really starts to do you in; when the attention-grabber really starts to pop out. This is why my recommendation for this novel is so easy to make. Because it’s definitely a novel that anyone could enjoy. Especially for those of us who like a good urban fantasy novel.


*Read on April 15th, 2016

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