Darklight By Lesley Livingston

I actually enjoyed this novel much more than the last one. It seem to have more going on within it than the first novel did. Which is probably why I liked it better. Well, that and the fact that it didn’t feel like I had already read this novel before. That’s a big plus in its favor, because I hate feeling like that about a novel. No matter what that novel may be about, it just wouldn’t be in my favor. It needs to have something more to it than an overused story plot.

In this novel Kelley is still living in New York, but now she doesn’t hate it completely. Ever since Kelley found out that she’s a faerie princess things have changed for her. She feels like she actually belongs in New York now and her acting career has started to take off. It’s everything that she could have hoped for, but there’s still one thing missing in her life. Sonny had to go back into the Otherworld as an order from her father. He’s to hunt down all of the Wild Hunt and eliminate them for good. So that they may trap Mabh in her own kingdom again. This is something that only Sonny can do, but it doesn’t have to mean that he likes it. Sonny would much rather be with Kelley in the human world, then doing the mission that he’s been charged with. Kelley means the world to Sonny and he means the same to her. Neither one wants to be apart from the other and they may not have to be anymore. In an attempt to save Wolf’s life Kelley opens a riff straight into the Otherworld. A rift that just happens to open up on Sonny himself. It seems that once again Kelley is being sought after. A mysterious man wants the necklace that she’s had since she was a baby. And so far he’s proven that he’ll do whatever it takes to get it back from her.

This novel is in the same category as the last one. It’s a young adult urban fantasy novel, with a hint of romance. Although in this one the romance is more defined than the last one. But the plot is just about the same as the last novel. It’s one that we’ve all read before and are getting pretty tired of hearing. It all revolved around the romance or drama that surrounded the romance. Just like we’d expect a young adult novel to do. So my final recommendation on this novel isn’t that great. I really don’t recommend that you read this novel. It’s very cliché on how it was written and read. Making it an undesirable novel in my opinion.


*Read on May 30th, 2016

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