Death’s Mistress By Karen Chance

This novel certainly cleared a few things up for me. It also went right along with the first novel in the series quite beautifully. It did it in such a way that I was mesmerized by the characters within it. Even if Karen Chance does have that habit of carrying a bunch of information into one novel it was still worth it. Which she does, and she does it quite often. This series still remains my favorite besides all of that. Because Dorian is a character that will always kick ass.

Dory is still getting used to being on her father’s good side. She’s taken up the position that was asked of her, by him of course, but not without an ulterior motive of her own. It seems that the fae wine is all that’s keeping Dory’s anger at bay. An anger that has almost killed her in the past, and one that she doesn’t want to be unleashed again. So by taking the position to stop all illegal trade by the portals she’s giving herself a large stash of the wine. Which can be a problem for her because of the side effects. Effects like seeing others memories of their past and some of her own as well. Memories that she even forgot that she had and wishes that she never did. However, that’s not the problem for her. The problem is that the memories that she’s seen are from a certain vampire and her father as well. To top it all off her best friend Claire suddenly shows up as a dragon in their living room. She claims that her son is in danger, because people are trying to kill him. With him being the only heir to the throne that idea is totally possible. The problem with the situation is that the item that would help to keep Claire’s son safe is missing, and Dory needs to find it. She needs to find that and Louise-Caesar too. Because Louise-Caesar is after the same man that she is, and Dory always gets her man in the end. Even if it means fighting over him, or in this case his dismembered head. Which of course then gets stolen by Louise-Caesar. So now she has a bunch of vampires on her ass and nothing to show for it once again.

This novel is the second novel in a fantastic urban fantasy series. It’s just got so much character and adventure in it that it grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. It has action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and much more. That’s what made this novel so amazing. It has all these features and incorporates them together so well. The romance isn’t very subtle, but it isn’t instant either. It’s one that simmers until it hits the boiling point and starts to pour over. It’s just a unique novel that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s one that I highly recommend reading too. Mostly because it’s one of the best urban fantasy series that I have ever read and I’m sure you’ll think so too.


*Read on March 27th, 2016

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