Descend By Skye Malone

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this series. Or this novel for that matter. I’m just a little bit confused and yet intrigued at the same time. Heck, I’d have to be since I’m still reading the series. Perhaps it’s because I don’t see the goal behind it at all. Which is a very important thing to me and when I don’t understand something I just get lost. Which is how I’m starting to feel about it.

In this novel Chloe has been forced to conform to her Dehaian form. As much as she wanted to be able to belong to the sea, this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. Because now the drug won’t let her change back into her human form. A form that she starting to sorely miss. Now she needs medical help and the only one who’s willing to help her is Zeke. The boy with the glowing eyes who always seemed to find her. Zeke wants nothing more than to find out what’s wrong with Chloe. First, she’s attacked by the water, then a person, and now she’s being hunted to be used as a sacrifice. But there’s no reasonable way to explain why and Zeke is wanting answers fast. The only way that he knows how to help is by taking her back to his home. However, they don’t receive the welcome that they thought they’d get. Chloe is both bound and gagged by Zeke’s older brother. Ren has decided that Chloe is a spy and nothing that Zeke can say can convince him otherwise. Especially, when his father is murdered right under their noses. Now the suspicion is definitely on Chloe and quite a few people believe that she did it. Everyone but Zeke thinks it’s true and he’s willing to do anything to help Chloe out. Including going against the new king’s orders.

This novel is a lot like the first one in this series, because it’s also a young adult urban fantasy novel. I’d say that there’s romance in this novel, but that be a lie. While it seems like there’s supposed to be romance in this novel, the plot seems to think differently. The plot kind of takes a turn for the worst and it doesn’t turn out very well. The plot started to go downhill pretty quickly, but a twist does help to save it sometimes. There are actually a few twists in this novel, and they each have an important role to play. They keep the reader interested, when all you want to do is put the novel down. So my recommendation is quite simple. This novel isn’t really worth the read. It’s kind of boring and not a very entertaining one at all. Overall, they are better novels out there that really deserve the attention more than this one.


*Read on June 6th, 2016

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