Fury’s Kiss By Karen Chance

Oh how I do love these novels. They’re just so much fun to read, because of all the excitement that happens within them. It’s kind of like how you know what you’re getting for your birthday, but you’re super happy about it anyways. That’s my level of happiness when it comes to these novels. There’s just so stimulating that I can’t keep my eyes off of them for very long. So the fact that there is not another one out by now really makes me mad. Nobody needs seven Cassandra Palmer novels, they need seven Dorian novels. That’s that, end of story, goodbye. But no seriously make another one soon, please.

Dory has something new to freak out about in this novel. Because while she’s been getting used to the memories of others in her mind she’s not used to others knowing her’s. Which is what she’s finally figured out and is now freaking out about. Louis-Caesar has her memories, because of his relationship with her, but he’s never thought of accessing them. What she should be worried about is the fact that she’s losing part of her days and nights. She’s attacking people without any remembrance of doing so. Which has never been an issue for her before, but this time her vampire side is starting to come out. Something that’s only happened once before in her early years of life. Her father, being a powerful telepath, closed off her vampire side to her human side. However, the wall that he put up is slowly starting to crumble and when it breaks all hell could break loose for Dory. To top off the ever-growing list of Dory’s problems, the fae have decided to attack. They plan on attacking the Vampire Council and the only one who even seems to remotely care is Dory herself. Nobody else really believes her and, and because the treaty with the fae prevents an all-out war. However, the fae have a turncoat within their mist. And this turncoat is sure that it’s going to happen.

This is the third novel in this series and it’s just as perfect as the first two. It’s an urban fantasy novel with a certain flare to it that most don’t have. This novel’s plot actually followed the last two plots and it went together quite smoothly. Which most novels don’t do, but with this one it actually made it very good. The only bad thing that I could see about this novel is the fact that Karen Chance has not made another one for this series. She’s focusing more on her other series at this time, when she should be focusing more on this one. This series is way better than the other one and deserves the most attention at that. This is a novel that I would definitely recommend to anyone that loves a good urban fantasy novel. It’s one that you would enjoy for sure and that you’ll definitely be wanting more of.


*Read on April 3rd, 2016

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