Highlander Unmasked By Monica McCarty

I really did enjoy this novel immensely. It had that certain flair to it that made me want to keep reading. This could be because of the characters within it. The characters went together quite well, with each having their own surprise twist. It’s that surprise that really made the novel come to life. That’s why it’s such a good novel. It keeps you going all throughout the day, because it sank its claws into you early on. Making it to where you don’t want to stop reading anytime soon.

In this novel Alex has been gone for a few years now. He went deep undercover for his brother, so that he may be used in the future. Everyone who knew him thinks that he’s a man for hire. While in reality he never left the Highlands and has been roaming around with a dishonored clan. One that is killed on first sight if anyone recognizes them. However, Alex is being pulled out of hiding to help figure out his enemy’s plan. They’ve gotten word that there’s going to be an attack on his cousin’s lands. An attack that was prevented years before. The king is determined to take over his lands and this time he’s not letting anyone in his way. Especially, a Highlander with a bad reputation. So when Alex shows up at Court everything is going smoothly, but that all changes when he sees Meg. Meg swears that he says she’s seen Alex before. He looks an awful lot like the man who helped rescue her, but he keeps denying it. This just intrigues Meg even more, especially when he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. He’s trying his hardest to stay away from her, but now Meg has her sights on him. Even when he claims that he’s not the man for her, he ends up doing something to suggest otherwise. So while Alex keeps trying to run away, Meg just keeps following him. Because Meg is at court for only one reason, to find a husband. Which she thinks Alex just might end up being.

This novel followed the first one and is indeed a historical adult romance novel. It is also loosely based on actual events that happened in the past. Making this novel that much more unique. The plot of this novel was more mysterious than the last one. It’s suggested more of a bad boy theme then I’d say would be necessary, but it went along with the plot quite well. In fact it’s because of that attitude that the novel was such a success. Which in turn makes for a good recommendation. Because I highly recommend this novel and series to anybody who likes a good romance novel. It’s one that will keep you hopping and wanting even more of it than you can get.


*Read on May 13th, 2016   

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