Highlander Untamed By Monica McCarty

I actually enjoyed reading this novel very much. This has more to do with the fact that I love anything about the Highlands than anything else. So the fact that this is a Highlander novel just made my whole day. It describes the old Highlands in such a beautiful way that I could actually see this happening exactly the way it’s described. The fact that Monica McCarty does base her novels on actual events that happened just made it even better.

In this novel Rory has led a two-year long feud against the Sleat for the dishonor that was done to his sister. He had shamed his sister and made it to where others had shamed her as well. Taking his once beautiful and shining sister and turning her into a dull and depressed woman. Rory has taken to the feud like a wildfire, until the king decides otherwise. The king is growing angry with the feud and decides upon a hand fast between the two clans. Rory accepts only to please his King and for the honor of his clan. Sleat accepts only to deceive everyone, including his clan, for his own power. And in his deceit he uses his niece Isabel for the beauty that she was born with. Isabel would do anything to help her clan, even if it meant being a pawn in her uncle’s game. Which is exactly what ends up happening. Isabel is to be hand fasted to the great Rory Mor for a year and a day. While she’s in his care she’s to try and seduce him into finding the fairy flag that protects his clan from harm. This flag could end up saving her clan if she finds it, but she may never actually find it at all. This has to do with the fact that Isabel may not want to deceive Rory. She’s starting to fall in love with Rory even though he’s told her that he’ll never love her. So despite his warnings Isabel has come up with a plan to make him love her once and for all.

This novel is a historical adult romance novel. One that was based on actual events that had happened in the past. Monica McCarty is one of the few authors that I know who actually does this. Which makes it actually rather exciting to read about. Because the plot could actually be the one that transpired all of those years ago. The plot of this novel was more of a reluctant marriage type, based on the novel itself. It’s one that is often read about, but not at this magnitude. Making it a rather interesting novel of a sorts. Which in turn makes the reader rather intrigued on how this novel will go. So for my recommendation I’d say that this novel is a definite must-read. It’s one that had me in tranced from the first page and hopefully the next reader will be too.


*Read on May 9th, 2016

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