Midnight’s Daughter By Karen Chance

I actually rather enjoyed this novel. It’s one of Karen Chance’s many novels and it’s an epic side story to her other series as well. The fact that I wanted to read this novel while reading the other series says a lot right there. This is a great novel that really got me hooked in the first chapter. It had everything that I hoped for and then some. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve read so far this year, mostly because it’s so relatable. A lot of people are considered the black sheep of their families and this novel definitely has that aspect down to a tee.

Dorina has always been considered the black sheep in her family. Mostly due to the fact that she’s a damphiar, or half human/half vampire, and kills other vampires for a living. The vampires tend to frown upon this, but they leave her alone because of her father. The father who doesn’t want to be around her, yet when he needs her he’s always finds her. Which he does when he finds out that he needs something taken care of. Dorina’s Uncle Vlad is starting to become a problem and Dorina is one of the only people who knows him. She’s managed to stop him before, but back then she had a little help. However, this time she’s not getting the help that she wants. This time her father is giving her Louise-Caesar. Louise-Caesar is family from her Uncle Radu’s line. He’s the only one from that line and because of this he feels that he was never wanted. Radiant had basically abandon him for his whole life as a vampire. Leaving him to do things his own way. However, unknown to him, Radu had helped to change Louise-Caesar’s timeline and was trying to keep it as close to his original one as possible. Leaving him all alone with nobody around for companionship. Now he has to work with Dorina, because he wants nothing more than to be recognized by his family. Dorina feels the exact opposite, long given up on getting her family’s approval. Now she has to work with someone she doesn’t know and all she hopes is that he doesn’t end up killing her first.

This novel is just so many things at once that it’s hard to describe. It’s an ass-kicking, vampire fighting, elf stomping, and heroine worshipping type of novel. It’s one of those urban fantasies that everyone is dying to read at one point or another. It draws you in until all you want to do is finish this novel. It’s a drug that you never want to quit, but may need to at some point. That’s how good this novel was. It even have some romance added to the mix. Which just made it even better. It’s definitely better than the Cassie Palmer series that Karen Chance has also written. So when it comes to reviewing this novel I’d say that it’s a definite must-read. It will keep you on your toes and wanting more of what’s to come.


*Read on March 17th, 2016

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