On The Prowl: Alpha and Omega By Patricia Briggs

Oh, how I love this story. I’ve read this novella at least three different times now and I still love it. It’s one of the best novellas that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, which is saying a lot. What gets me is the fact that Patricia Briggs didn’t intend for this to become a full-blown series. It just sort of happened, because she’s that good of a writer. It’s stuff like this that actually interest me in a novel. It’s the things that you don’t think are going to grab your attention but do. These details make a novella what it is and let it continue past a certain point. That’s why this series has been so successful so far.

In this novella we see the return of Charles, and with him Anna. Anna wasn’t always so timid and shy around other people. She used to be just like any other girl, but that was before the incident happened. Anna was attacked by her then boyfriend, who was a werewolf. She somehow ended up surviving the change, but she’s been forcefully changed into the very creature that ruined her life. She’s been turned into a werewolf and forced to obey someone else’s law. After being abused by her own pack, in more ways than one, Anna finally decides to do something about it. Something strange is going on within her pack and it’s got Anna so worried that she calls Bran. As Bran’s enforcer its Charles job to take care of any funny business, and this smells funny. Anna was then instructed to pick Charles up from the airport and she’s nothing like Charles thought she’d be. She’s meek and shy and nobody needs to be so beaten down that they’re overly submissive. Which is exactly what he tells her when she says that. This concerns Charles, who is protective of the weak ones in any pack. But what concerns him even more is the fact that Anna’s pack leader has been lying to Bran. Charles doesn’t know many of the new additions to Anna’s new pack, when he should know all of them. Every pack is to inform Bran of any newcomers and the fact that they didn’t is something to worry about.

This novella would be considered an urban fantasy novel. One that’s compelling, exciting, and overwhelming at times. It has action, adventure, and a buttload of fantasy throughout the whole novella. It’s a novella that keeps you interested, even when you think it won’t. It could keep you up at night if you don’t finish the whole thing. Which would be interesting considering the fact that it’s only a little over a hundred pages long. The reason for this is because the author didn’t plan on this novella of becoming a series. One that is almost as popular as her first one. It’s a novella that draws you into this new series and the other novels that are to come from it. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that it’s one that you wouldn’t regret reading. Especially if you like the series that it originated from. It competes with the series very well.


*Read on January 1st, 2012

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