On The Prowl: Buying Trouble By Karen Chance

I personally think that this novella should have come sooner in the series. It would have made a lot more sense to me and the first novel would have clicked easier. I just feel like the whole flow of this series would have been a little bit better than it was. However, this doesn’t mean that I hated this novella, because I didn’t. This novella explains so much about what went behind the scenes in Midnight’s Daughter but it was well worth it. Which is what’s important to begin with, because a novella has to click with the rest of the series.

In this novella we see the story behind Claire and Heidar. Claire is a magical null and has always been one for her whole life. A null is a person who can’t do any magic whatsoever, but who can draw in others and cancel it out. Because Claire can in fact do this means that Claire is highly sought out after by many evil people. A long time ago a mage found out how to draw out a nulls power and make a powerful weapon out of it. However, in the process of making these bombs the null always dies a horrible death. Which in turn has left Claire running from these people her whole life. Claire now does under the table jobs that require the use of her null skills. She helps to render dangerous powerful relics mute for a time being, so that while they’re being sold they don’t blow up. However, one of the things that Claire didn’t think would happen would be her employer turning on her and trying to sell her. Which is exactly what happens. That is, until a certain fae prince thought it was a bad idea. Heidar is very interested in Claire, and the fact that she’s a null only intrigues him more. So helping her to escape is only the natural conclusion for him. However, what he didn’t expect was to be thrown right in the middle of dark fae territory. This causes all sorts of new problems for them and an even bigger one for Claire. Because Heidar recognizes a part of her and realizes that she doesn’t know about it. Leaving behind a dangerous secret that may hurt Claire even more.

This novella would be considered an urban fantasy novella. One that doesn’t go with the series very well, but that provides information about it. Information that would have been better to learn beforehand and not afterwards. It’s a novella that makes you wonder and has compelling actions to this wonderment. It brings with it a new take on how you thought you saw things, which is what we need at times. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s still a very boring novel. It’s still a yawn, but a yawn that needs to be read throughout the series. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that it’s a novella that should be read with the series, but that doesn’t have to be overall. It’s one of those that if you want to read it then read it, if not then don’t.


*Read on March 24th, 2016

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