Primal Instincts By Susan Sizemore

I was wondering when Susan Sizemore was going to finally write this novel. It certainly took her long enough and I think that it should have been written sooner. A lot of people were ready to read this novel and she just kept on waiting to write it. It’s a very enjoyable novel and one of the best in this series so far. However, it could have used a little bit of work too. Now I’m just waiting to see if the next novel is going to be as good as this one was. Because this series is one to behold that’s for sure.

In this novel Flare has been set up. And who’d be ballsy enough to do it, well her own mother of course. Flare intends to do her duty to her clan, but not in the way that her mother wants her to. So in an effort to make a potential good match, Flare’s mother sets up and basically serve her on a silver platter. Serving her straight to the man that she’s trying to avoid, Tobias. Tobias is the leader of the Dark Angels and he will do anything in his power to help them. Even if it means trying to court the uncourtable Flare. Flare’s temper is legendary to many, while to Tobias it’s nothing more than the woman herself. So when Flare’s mother makes him an offer for that he can’t refuse he takes it. Not that he wouldn’t anyways, because he’s got to have Flare all to himself. No matter what he has to do to get her, he will do it just for her. Which includes making sure that she’s the father of his child. However, there is a darker plan set in motion and Flare seems to be a part of it. One of Flare’s bags was set up to explode while in another clan’s home. This would have caused a major problem for Flare. As it is it’s already causing her a few problems. Like the fact that she’s not allowed to go anywhere without Tobias. Not that she’s trying very hard to get away from him. Because even though they’re both denying their attraction, the fact remains that it’s still there. And they may want to act on it before it’s too late.

This was a very well-thought-out urban fantasy novel. It has action, romance, fighting, and mystery all in one. This makes for a wonderful story plot, because you never know exactly what you’re going to read next. That’s what makes it such a beautiful creation. It’s got a lot of ups and downs all throughout it, which makes it an interesting read for the reader. The plot of this story is that of a romance novel, so it does read more in that aspect. Which is what I actually expected when I read an urban fantasy novel like this one. This series is quite persistent in this aspect and it makes my recommendation easier for me. Susan Sizemore writes fantastic novels and this one is no different. It’s one that I’m proud to own and I believe the others would be too. This novel is a must-read that I believe other urban fantasy readers would enjoy as well as I did.


*Read on April 20th, 2016

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