Return By Skye Malone


I’m not sure as to why I’m still reading this series. All of the novels are only just okay, because there nothing special. They’re just kind of there, so I keep reading them. But I must like them a little bit at least, because I’m still reading these novels. Which must mean that I like them as some sort of level. Which is okay I guess.

In this novel Chloe has been through a lot. She’s been chased all over the place by people who want to kill her. Then when she went to get some help for her condition Zeke’s family attacks her as well. If it’s not one thing with her then it’s another, and it’s starting to wear Chloe out. However, it’s not only her anymore, but Zeke too. Because Zeke helped Chloe out with his brother Ren, so now he can’t go home. Not for a while at least. His brother Niall is still out there working for the cult. The cult that still wants to kill Chloe. Chloe and Zeke are still trying their hardest to avoid them, but now they have to worry about Noah’s family as well. Noah’s cousins have gotten word about what Chloe is and they want a piece of her, literally. Noah and his family are Greliaran. A being that was created to kill Chloe and the people like her. And they all really want to kill Chloe now. A fact that both Chloe and Zeke are well aware of and are trying to avoid at the same time. Except it’s not always that easy, because now a friend of Noah’s cousins is after them as well. So Chloe does the only thing that she can think of, she calls her parents. Her parents are ecstatic to see her and they almost don’t even care about Zeke. However, there’s something about them that’s not quite right. They have this gleam in their eyes and when they demand that Chloe go with them she starts to wonder if she’s even safe.

This novel is a lot like the other two in the series. It’s a young adult novel with urban fantasy within it. It also has a bit of action, adventure, and mystery within it. The mystery is kind of obvious when you further read this novel. So is the action and adventure as well. The plot of this novel just sort of leads the reader to where it wants to be. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Because this novel has another plot twist to it. One that can certainly be seen coming from miles away. That’s why my recommendation isn’t a very good one. Because I do wholeheartedly believe that this novel isn’t really worth your time at all.


*Read on June 7th, 2016

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