Spider’s Trap By Jennifer Estep

I still love this series after all this time. It’s hard to believe that this is the thirteenth novel in this series. Heck, I wouldn’t care if it’s the twentieth novel, I’d still continue to read them. This is because Jennifer Estep has created a whole new world that I would love to live in. It’s a world that’s kept me up at night, because I haven’t finished the novel yet of course. It just keeps drawing me back in when I finally think that I’m out. That’s why I’m so entranced by these novels to begin with.

In this novel Gin is now the head honcho of the Underworld. But that tends to happen when you kill the main boss, as Gin is starting to find out. Now instead of killing all of the bad guys, like she’s used to, Gin has to listen to them when they want an audience with her. Which a few of them actually do, making Gin’s life even more difficult. In fact that’s what she was doing when her friend’s boat was suddenly attacked. She was just listening away to two of the most boring Underworld bosses, when she discovered the bomb. Now Gin’s pissed and she means to aim her anger at the bomber himself. But first she has to find him, which is proving to be a difficult task. The bomber doesn’t want to be found and to top it off there’s something familiar about him, but Gin can’t quite figure out what. The fact that he’s using nails in each of his bombs just furthers her curiosity. Well, that and the fact that he wants her dead. But what if Gin was wrong about the bomber? What if the bomber isn’t after her, but after somebody else? Gin has to make a choice now, because the bomber isn’t after her like they all thought he was. He’s after somebody else entirely, and now Gin has to decide if she wants to be a part of this battle or not.

This novel is just another great example of an urban fantasy novel. It even has all the normal aspects to it, such as romance, action, adventure, assassins, and a kick ass female character. It’s one that has an amazing story plot to it and even goes on to show it. The plot to this novel was a delicately woven one, based on a few insights of course. It had a few twists in it that even I saw coming, but that I still enjoyed regardless. These twists are what kept the novel going in certain places. Because after a while all novels start to sound the same. However, in this one there’s a surprise that even I didn’t see coming. Making my recommendation a very good one. I highly recommend that all urban fantasy lovers try out this novel. Or at the very least this series. It has yet to disappoint me and I don’t believe that it ever will.


*Read on May 27th, 2016

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