The Leopard Prince By Elizabeth Hoyt


I actually went through this novel pretty fast, considering that I’m not really a big fan of these types of novels. Historical fiction novels that is. They can be a little too realistic to me at times, which I’ve never been a big fan of. However, I found this novel to be quite a delightful at times. Especially since the main character was such a ditz at times. This just made the novel even more entertaining to me and quite an enjoyable read at that.

In this novel Georgina has found herself a new right-hand man and he’s a wily one at that. Harry is nothing but polite and courteous to Georgina and she finds it rather boring. She’d rather test him and try to see what’s behind that mask that he dons. A mask that has yet to be taken down, no matter how hard she tries. Which only makes her even more curious, because of what he might be hiding. This is a feat that Georgina will conquer, no matter the consequences that may follow. Harry is finding himself in a curious situation at the least. The lady of the house is determined to make him crack, a feat that stronger men have tried and failed to do. He’s finding this to be a complete bother, because she pops up in the most random places. She always wants to tell him silly stories, she goes out into the field with him, and is always inviting him to dine with her. Something that is very improper for a woman to do. However, this turned out to be the least of his worries, because somebody has framed him. Poisoned sheep have been showing up throughout his enemies land and there’s evidence that he’s to blame. Now Harry has to try and find the person who’s framing him, without starting a feud. However, he may not be able to clear up his name this time.

This novel continues the trend in this series, because it is also an historical romance novel to the fullest. One that has an exponential plot to it as well. This novel has more romance and mystery to it than the other two. It takes over the plot with everything that goes on within it. Which is exactly what this novel needed. Making the plot even more interesting to the reader. The plot has a setting up the man to take the blame kind of theme to it. Which we normally don’t see to this degree. That’s all that this novel is about and it’s certainly turned up the excitement level a few notches. Making my recommendation a good one. This novel fits in beautifully with this series and it’s certainly one that should be read. Especially for those readers who prefer a good old-fashioned romance novel.


*Read on May 4th, 2016

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