The Raven Prince By Elizabeth Hoyt

I don’t usually go for these types of novels, because I find them to be horribly inaccurate at times. This isn’t at all what I want when I read a novel set back in the seventeen hundreds. They’re usually quite boring and can get a bit peevish at times too. However, I actually did find myself becoming quite interested in this novel. To be quite honest it was the fact that the main character liked to go to brothels that actually intrigues me. I’ve never read a novel that had featured such a thing and I found it to be quite the delight. It certainly made for a heck of a good read.

In this novel the main characters are Anna and Edward. Anna had lost her husband years ago and has yet to ever remarry. No matter that she has had plenty of offers, it’s just that she never truly felt the need to. She’s always been more worried about helping others more than herself. So when her mother-in-law said that they’re running low on their income, Anna takes it upon herself to find herself a job. Which is quite a coincidence, because the Earl is looking for a new secretary. After having driven off the last one, Edward is now in dire need of a new secretary to finish translating his writings. It’s no matter to them that he pays them well, it’s more the matter of his voice. The Earl has a big booming voice that others are always intimidated by. Everyone but Anna it seems. Anna is bound and determined to stay at this job. Just because Edward has a loud, booming voice doesn’t make a difference to her. The only thing that starts to scare her is the fact that she’s starting to become attracted to the Earl. The fact that it’s very indecent is the only thing that’s keeping her away from him. That is, until she saw the recent receipt for a brothel in his desk. This infuriates Anna so much that she’s decided to put a stop to it. However, this causes more trouble than it’s worth, because she has a different plan entirely.

This novel is a pure romance novel through and through. It starts with a sketchy romance and goes into a full-blown romance towards the end. Even if it is based back in the seventeen hundreds it still one that’s very easy to read. This is because it’s got a certain mysterious feel to it. Making it to where you just want to keep reading more of it. Which is what every reader wants in a novel. They want that drive that keeps on going, even when a plot starts to go south. Which this novel doesn’t do, but that’s beside the point. Either way, this novel is a very well-thought-out romance novel. One that I’m actually surprisingly glad to have read. So if you’re into romance novels in an older setting, then this is a novel for you. It’s one that I’m glad to have read as well.


*Read on April 7th, 2016

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