The Serpent Prince By Elizabeth Hoyt

Okay, so I realize now that I read the third novel in the series before the second one. However, in my defense I didn’t find this out until halfway through the novel, and if I’m being quite honest novels like these don’t always need to be read in a certain order. Although, it is a whole lot nicer if they are. This didn’t detour me away from this novel though. Mostly due to the fact that the main character was naked on the very first page. Quite literally actually, which isn’t something that you read every day. So I just had to continue on with reading this novel, because it would have been a crime and a blooming shame if I didn’t.

In this novel we see the characters Lucy and Simon quite a bit. Lucy is just a simple country girl that minds her own business when she has to. This doesn’t mean that she always does though. After running her father’s house help for many years she’s learned how to run things properly. Especially, hard-headed men. She’s hardly ever taken by surprise anymore, so imagine her shock when she is. It’s not every day that a woman finds a naked man in her direct path. Which only intrigues her even more, especially when said man is fully awake. Because Simon is always the Intriguing one. Simon is just having a bad day in general. First he’s beaten almost to death, then he’s left for dead in a small hole in the wall town, and to top it off he’s left completely naked in the middle of the road. On a very cold day too. He truly wishes that he was dead, but not until he’s had the revenge on the people who did this to him. Simon suspects that he knows who tried to kill him and even has a plan to get back at them. But what he didn’t expect was the attraction that he’s starting to feel for Lucy. One that had started off as a simmer, but has finally come to a boil. A boil that has Simon in quite a tizzy. He can hardly stay away from her and away from her is where he needs to be. Because he’s unknowingly led the wolves right to her doorstep.

This novel is a pure adult romance novel. Nothing more and nothing less. It is however based back in the late seventeen hundreds which was quite a time too. Everything about this novel is part fact from that time period. The author was quite adamant about keeping this novel as closely related as possible for that time period. Which went together quite nicely in the long run. The plot of the novel was beautifully written and played out quite nicely. It didn’t drag out like some novels do, it went along quite smoothly. This is why my recommendation on this novel is a whole lot easier. This novel is a must-read for this series. It just completes the series as a whole and is most definitely worth your time.


*Read on April 16th, 2016

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