Thoughtless By S. C Stephens

Oh God, what this novel did to me. I haven’t felt so many different emotions all at once in a long time, and this novel made me feel them. It was like a rush that I didn’t want to get rid of, and to keep that feeling I had to keep reading. I actually didn’t want to stop reading it. A few times, while in the process of reading, I did almost throw it. But that had more to do with the characters than my feelings. It’s just a wonderful take on a romance novel and it’s one that I certainly don’t regret reading at all.

In this novel Kiera has moved all the way to Washington for her boyfriend. Kiera has already figured out that she and Denny would be together forever. Even if her parents completely disapprove of her choices. But hey, it’s one of the best things that she’s ever decided to do. Denny’s friend is letting him stay at his place and he’s already got a job lined up too. Kiera’s going to finish the rest of her college there and to top it off she got a job her very first day at her new home. Everything is going great for her to the point that nothing could go wrong. Except something does go wrong. Denny’s job is having him leave for two months, which means that Kiera will be left alone with their roommate Kellen. This devastates Kiera to the point that she’s depressed. To cheer her up Kellan takes Kiera out on the town. Kellan is there for her at her worst time and is even there for her when she breaks up with Denny. In a way that she never thought he’d be there for. Then everything changes when Denny shows back up and Cara starts lying to him. Her relationship with Kellan has changed and she doesn’t want to do anything about it now. However, Kellan isn’t about to give up without a fight. Because this is the closest to a spark that he’s ever had before.

This novel is a pure romance novel through and through. It has all of the right aspects and then some. Making this not only a romance novel, but a rocker romance novel as well. Which, let’s face it, has been in everyone’s fantasies at one point or another. The actual plot to this novel was more complex than I thought it should be. There are times where it gets maddening and frustrating and you just want it to be over with already. However, the plot still goes on and it actually gets better towards the end. So for my recommendation I’d say that all rocker/romance lovers out there might actually enjoy this novel. It’s certainly one of a kind and has a plot that I’ve never read before.


*Read on June 13th, 2016

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