Wondrous Strange By Lesley Livingston

The entire time that I read this novel I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had read it before. It could be very possible that I have read this novel when I was a lot younger. This wouldn’t be the first novel that I have done this with. However, I really and truly do believe that I’ve never actually read this novel. I could be thinking that I have because his novel is quite similar to a lot of other novels. It’s got this whole long lost princess thing going on, and I’ve definitely read that before a bunch of different times.

In this novel Kelley is an aspiring actress. She’s living in New York by herself for the first time ever and now she’s starting to regret it. Kelley is finding that it’s harder to live by herself then she thought it would be. Granted she does have a roommate, but paying the rent is extremely hard. Especially since she’s never had a leading role yet. Kelley is nothing more than hired help for a production. However, that’s all about to change when she gets the lead role in a play. It’s also the very same day that she meets Sonny. Sonny is one of the Summer King’s gatekeepers, the Janus. Sonny was taken as an infant and raised within the palace walls. He’s nothing more than a glorified pet to the fae and to most he’s known as a faerie killer. He and twelve other Janus all help to protect the gate in Central Park. They’ve done this for many years and have never really had an incident, until Kelley came along. Kelley just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time twice now, and it’s becoming quite obvious that someone wants her badly. She’s got every evil thing watching her, and each and every one of them wants her. Including the horse in the bathtub. Because whether she likes it or not Kelley is special. And she’s about to learn how special she truly is.

This is a young adult urban fantasy novel, with a bit of romance in it. Which is how all novels about the fae always end up. So it really wasn’t a big surprise when this novel showed it. The romance in this novel wasn’t really all that great. It was really low-key and pretty cheesy at times. It was just all too typical and played out a lot. Kind of like the plot of this novel. It’s one that we’ve all heard before already, and we really don’t want to hear it again. So this all leads to a varying recommendation, because it wasn’t that good. I don’t really recommend that you read this novel. But if you’re into novels about long lost fae princesses, then this novel is right up your alley.


*Read on May 28th, 2016

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