A Court of Mist and Fury By Sarah J. Maas


Oh my God, I truly and very enthusiastically loved this novel. It was everything that I could have hoped for an then some. It surely did keep me awake at night, because I wanted to read it that badly. I kept trying to convince myself that one more chapter wouldn’t hurt me any. Heck, it even haunted me at work to the point that all I could think about was going home and reading this novel. That’s just how good of a read it truly was. It’s one that I’m glad to have read, but I also don’t think that I can wait for the next one. Because I need that novel now!

Feyre had saved all of Phyrian from Amarantha a few months back. As a result she was killed and remade into a High Fae. But Feyre isn’t like any of the other High Fae. She has a special power from each of the seven High Lords that helped remake her. Powers that Tamlin doesn’t want her to use. Even if it means it could save her life. Feyre is starting to wonder if the choices she made were the right ones, and she’s now starting to regret her actions. Heck, she become so fearful on her wedding day that she silently ask to be saved. Which is exactly what Rhysand does. Rhysand evokes his one-week deal on the day of her wedding and Feyre’s pissed. She demands that he take her back even though she knows it’ll get her nowhere. So to keep her busy Rhysand has her learn to read and write. A skill that he claims everyone should have. Feyre thinks that he just wants to use her and she may be right. However, it’s Tamlin that she should be worried about. After they have an argument Tamlin goes as far as to lock her up in their home. Causing Feyre to start panicking and screaming to be saved again. Which is exactly what Rhysand does and this time he’s pissed. He informs Feyre that she’s going to learn how to control her powers. Otherwise, she can be the weakling that she is forever.

This novel is without a doubt a young adult urban fantasy novel. Which happens to have a whole lot of romance in it, along with a kick-ass plot that left me all twisted inside. The plot to this story isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. It hooks you right in and then it doesn’t let you go. Heck, the plots twist was so beautifully written that even I really didn’t see it coming. But afterwards it made the first novel in the series look like child’s play. That’s how highly I regard this novel. So when it comes to my recommendation I’d say that this is a most definite read. You won’t find another one quite like this, so you should probably start reading it right away.


*Read on June 21st, 2016

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