Blood In Her Veins By Faith Hunter

I’d just like to say that I can’t write individual reviews on all of the short stories. Mostly due to the fact that they’re only a few pages long. Which isn’t a bad thing for this novel, because it explains so much at the same time. But it does mean that the whole novel only gets the one review. Which is still okay, because this was quite an amazing novel. It really did explain so much in such a little bit of time. It’s one of those that I’m glad to have read and even gladder to finally see it published.

In these novellas Jane is mostly the main character, but there are some where Molly and Rick are too. One novella talks about Jane in the Children’s Home and how she finally realized she had her Beast. Another one is about how she met and became the Godmother of Molly’s children. A tale that has been long awaited for. In another novella it talks about how Rick came around to having his cat tattoos and the struggles that went along with them. There’s one that goes over the first time that Jane meet Bruiser and Leo both at once. There’s also one about the time that Molly’s sister was kidnapped by some rogue vampires. A few of the novellas even mentions a feud between witches and vampires. A feud that Jane was thrown into of course, courtesy of Leo. One that she has to help resolve. Another one involves a werewolf trying to make his own pack. Resulting in a bunch of crazy werewolves, and people who are eaten after being killed by them. Another one involves Molly and a teapot that just doesn’t want to leave her house. Even when a powerful vampire wants it to. And finally the last novella involves Jane and her goddaughter Angie Baby. Angie has been keeping something from her parents for a while now and it’s all starting to show. It involves a creature that just suddenly shows up when Molly and Angie did too.

Since there are nineteen novellas all crammed into one novel the categories that they all fall under our many. The most frequently used ones are urban fantasy, romance, action, and all with a kick-ass heroine. They each have their own plots with their own twist to them. Some just happen to have more than others do. That’s the whole point to this novel actually. It’s so that you know what happened in-between each novel in the series and how it all was shape d. These novellas are very much so needed to complete this series and that’s exactly what they do. So my recommendation for this novel is quite simple. If you loved reading this series than this is a novel that you’ll love as well.


*Read on June 19th, 2016

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