Echoes of Scotland Street By Samantha Young

I can’t believe that I actually skipped over this novel. I’ve never done that before and I’m actually quite ashamed because of it. Mostly for the simple fact that it’s a wonderful novel and deserves to be read. The novel after this one definitely starts to make more sense to me. Which is another reason as to why I hate skipping over novels. This really was quite a good read, but then again all of Samantha Young’s novels are excellent reads.

Shannon is trying so hard to start her life all over again. After a series of bad relationships she’s decided that enough is enough. She just wants to start all over again without making any of her previous mistakes. However, she’s starting to feel like she’s making that same mistake all over again. This could be for the simple fact that her new job is at a tattoo parlor. One that is famous for all the high-class work that’s it’s done. She got the job as a receptionist because there was no place else hiring at the moment. The job is perfect for what she has in mind. Well it would be with the exception of Cole that is. Cole is the main tattoo artist at her job and he makes it no secret that he likes Shannon. He flirts with her relentlessly and loves to tease her as well. However, to Shannon Cole is the very thing that she’s trying so hard to avoid. Him with all of his tattoos, confidence, and a swagger a mile long. She’s been hurt by guys like him before and refuses to go down that road again. Which is exactly what she tells him, and it doesn’t end very well. They start fighting in the workplace and Shannon’s told that her job is on the line. So to keep the job that she loves Shannon must make nice with Cole. A feat that really wasn’t that hard to begin with. Shannon’s found that she actually does like to interact with Cole. He’s something that she’s always been looking for in a man, but is something that she may just end up losing.

Just like all of the other novels in this series it’s an adult romance novel. One that just happens to be based in Scotland, which of course makes this novel even steamier. It’s a novel that has a bunch of issues in it, but are ones that all the characters eventually overcome. Making it a twist upon itself, which it surely needed. But of course all of Samantha Young’s novels have a twist to them, so there’s really no need to be impatient at all. That’s what makes these novels so good to begin with. Making my recommendation an easier one, because this is a must-read novel. Pick up this series at your local bookstore or library today, because you’re not going to want to miss out on this hot romance.


*Read on June 23rd, 2016

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