A Hunger Like No Other By Kresley Cole

I really did like this novel. It was everything that I could have hoped for an then some. It’s the kind of novel that draws you in and then keeps you right where it wants you. Which is exactly what this novel did to me. I couldn’t put this novel down for anything and the only reason I did was because I had to work the next day. Otherwise, this novel was kept in my hands at all time. That’s just how good I thought this novel really was.

Emma is trying to find out more about her father. She already knows all about her mother from her aunt’s, but her father is still a mystery to her. All she knows is that both of her parents spent their days in Paris together. So if Emma is to start anywhere, it be their first. Emma expected to find out some information about her father while in Paris. What she didn’t expect was a lyake to kidnap her. Lachlain has spent the last few decades under Paris in its catacombs. And all that time he’s been tortured with the flames. Having his skin burned off every day, only to have it all grow back again. The only thing that has kept him sane all this time was thinking about his revenge. Mostly on the vampire that put him there, but also on vampires themselves. However, what he didn’t plan on was his mate being a vampire herself. So when she runs away from him he does the one thing that he knows how do. He chases her. Emma has certainly found herself in quite the predicament. Not only is she being held against her will, but now the crazy lyake wants her to take him to Scotland. And of course he wants to drive, knowing that she can’t be in the sunlight. Which isn’t the only problem. Now they’re being hunted and Emma is afraid she’ll get hurt. Emma flinches from the mere mention of pain and always has. So when it looks like she may get hurt Lachlain has to risk everything to protect her.

This novel is just one of the many of a fantastic urban fantasy series. It’s a head-turner that will keep you up at all times. It has romance, fighting, mythical creatures of the Lore, and much more within its pages. It’s one of those novels that has a plot that most would kill for. One that certainly fits within this novel quite well. This plot almost has that kidnapped vibe to it. Which only enhances the excitement factor even more. So for my recommendation I’d highly recommend that you give this novel a try. If not the novel, then at least the whole series. It definitely won’t disappoint you. In fact, it may even intrigue you into wanting more of it.


*Read on July 18th, 2016

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