A Kiss In Time By Alex Flinn

I actually liked reading this novel. It had a very different take on our very own Sleeping Beauty. Which I absolutely adore in this situation. It brought something new and fresh to the table, which is exactly what it needed. However, with that being said, I wasn’t a big fan of the beginning of this novel. It was rather slow and boring at times. Which in turn just made me read it even slower. If it wasn’t like this in the very beginning then I feel like it’d be a better novel overall.

Talia is nothing but a spoiled princess that always gets her way. The only thing that she can’t actually do is ever be by herself. Talia must always have a guard with her, because of the curse that was put on her when she was a baby. When Talia was an infant a witch put a curse on her. Vowing that on the day before her sixteenth birthday she’d prick her finger on a spindle and die. To try an counter the curse a fairy put a spell on her, so that she’d sleep instead. So that Talia may have a chance to live after all. Now enter Jack, a board High School teenager in the middle of Europe. Jack’s parents sent him on a month-long trip all around Europe during his summer vacation. This way he’s out of their hair and at the same time making his college resume look good. But all Jack really wants to do is go back home and swim. However, if he found a good beach here he’d be okay too. But all they do is look at museum after museum. So Jack and his friend Travis sneak away from the group and head out towards the beach. Only instead of finding the beach they find a medieval castle and a bunch of sleeping people. There’s even one girl that Jack seems to be drawn to. So much so that he kisses her, which may just be the last mistake he’ll ever make.

This novel is a young adult fantasy and romance novel. One that is more urban fantasy than anything else. It has this feel to it that just makes it feel to fake. Making it a perfect candidate for the fantasy section in a bookstore. The plot twist to this novel is that it’s based upon the well-known fairytale Sleeping Beauty. It doesn’t play out exactly how the original went. It has more of a realistic feel to it. But it’s one that we all enjoyed as children, so it’s bound to be interesting to us in some ways as adults. So for my recommendation I’d say that if you like fairytales with a twist then you should read this novel. It definitely has a spin to it that most don’t.


*Read on July 12th, 2016

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