Beautiful Oblivion By Jamie McGuire

Oh thank God for the Maddox series. I really thought that I might go insane if I didn’t read more about them. That’s just how hooked I was to Beautiful Disaster. They’re just so intriguing that if Jamie McGuire didn’t make a series based on them then she’d have to be crazy. However, that is not the case here, because Jamie McGuire gave us exactly what we wanted. Well that and then some, because she’s just that type of author.

Trenton uses his good looks and smooth charm to get girls. He doesn’t even really need to do anything, and they just fall at his feet. That is, until he believes that he’s found the one. He so happy with her that he doesn’t think it will ever end. Until a tragic accident happens and she dies. Trenton is a mess afterwards and even moved back in with his dad. However, he can’t be cooped up forever, so he goes back to work again. He gets a job at a local tattoo parlor and he even starts to get better. Even more so when Cami walks in the door. Cami is looking for a new job and looks at a tattoo parlor for work. They need a new receptionist and Cami fits their profile perfectly. Except for the fact that she doesn’t have a single tattoo on her body. This is a problem for somebody who works in a tattoo parlor, so Trenton offers to help her out with it. Of course it may just have to do with the simple fact that he’s had a crush on her for years now. Cami is finding herself to actually be attracted to Trenton, which can be a big problem for her. Because Cami has a secret; and that secret just might be a deal-breaker. Cami doesn’t want to hurt Trenton, but she also doesn’t want to lose what she has. Which may just end up causing more problems than it will fix.

This novel is just what we needed after Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster series. It’s a perfect start to another perfect series. Another wonderful adult romance novel. One that will have you begging for more in no time. This novel is a keeper that’s for sure. It has a plot twist that will blow you away with it’s information. It surprised even me a bit. It’s full of drama, mystery, and has an edgy feel to it as well. All of these being good qualities in a novel. It’s the type of novel spinoff that you want an author to take, when in reality we really never get that. However, in this novel we do get that. So as far as my recommendation goes I’d say that it’s a pretty good one. This novel is a definite must-read. It has everything that a reader could want in a modern romance novel. So if you haven’t already given this novel a try, then I highly recommend that you do.


* Read on November 15th, 2014

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