Beautiful Redemption By Jamie McGuire

God I’m so thankful for Jamie McGuire. She’s right up there with Samantha Young when it comes to her novels. That’s just how highly I regard them. With this novel being no different from the rest. I loved this novel just as much as the others. The Maddox Brothers are just all that and much more. I honestly couldn’t put this novel down once I had actually started reading it. The characters just get me so hooked that they’re really all I can think about. This novel was just one of the many in this series that I think I’ll come to love.

Liis has just moved to a new city on a whim. She’s been wanting to further her career for many years now, but had never really gotten the chance. Now she actually has that chance because she finally broke up with her boyfriend. A boyfriend that she’s been trying to get rid of for a very long time now. Except, she’s not handling it as well as she thought she would. On her first night in San Diego she ends up getting smashed. In fact she ends up getting so drunk that she takes a random man home with her. Something that she’s never done before. In fact, the connection that they had for that one night was amazing, but she doesn’t think it’ll ever happen again. Until she meets her new boss that is. The stranger that she brought home from the bar the day before. Thomas couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The one person who he actually wanted to see again and she turns out to be working for him. This just made a bad day for him even worse. So what does he do, he takes it out on her. Liis knows that Thomas is only yelling at her because he was surprised to see her. However, she refuses to let him get to her. So she does the only thing that she knows how to do. She goes and confront him about her work. Only to have him promote her on the spot. Now she doesn’t know exactly what she should do about the situation that she’s now in.

This novel is a beautifully written adult romance novel. It was mysterious, edgy, and had a lot of excitement in it too. However, what got to me the most was all of the twists that I read within this novel. They didn’t all focus solely on one character, they focused on all of the characters within it. Each one had a surprise to them and that’s what ultimately made this novel so great. Well, that and the simple fact that the author of this whole series is a genius. She knows exactly what we want and she gives it to us. So as far as my recommendation for this novel goes, I’d say that if you haven’t already started this series then you need to. It’s definitely worth your time and I almost guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.


*Read on July 1st, 2016          

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