Break Out By Nina Croft

I’m not really sure as to how I thought this novel would go, but I can honestly say that this wasn’t it. I thought it’d be more about vampires, I guess. However, the fact that it wasn’t probably worked out in its favor. Meaning that too much of a good thing is often bad. Which is how this novel would have went if it was all about vampires to begin with. The fact that this all happened in outer space was kind of cool too. It provided more of a twist this way then it would have without it.

Skyler is on a mission. A mission that she’s been training for for many years now. One that is so important that her career in the military was required. As well as her skill to disguise herself properly. Because for this mission Skyler is going to try to break into Trakis One. A maximum security prison that has never been broken into before. Of course this could be because of the enormous black hole that is located directly behind said prison. However, no matter what the obstacle maybe Skyler isn’t going to be deterred, and she may know the perfect crew to even help her out. The crew of the El Cazador is known as fearless, ruthless, and willing to do anything for money. The Captain of the crew is especially well known, mostly as a womanizer. Ricardo is a vampire who’s over a thousand years old. And in all that time he’s made quite the name for himself. One that is very popular among women. One that Skyler plans to use to her advantage if she can. Skylar dresses up as a bimbo to get aboard the El Cazador, which of course makes Ricardo welcome her in with open arms. However, Ricardo is smarter than he looks and he knows that something isn’t right about Skyler. So when he gets her to confess he isn’t all that surprised. He’s actually very intrigued by her. So much so that he’s decided to try an woo her. Something that Skyler herself is very against. So much so that she’s now trying to avoid him at all costs.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy romance novel. One that has more urban fantasy to it and not a lot of romance. I’m not quite sure if that’s what the author had in mind, but that’s the way that I’ve received it. The plot to this novel was actually quite decent as well. It had the right amount of danger and excitement in it. Making it a novel that readers are really going to want to read. Which means that I have a decent recommendation to give. This novel is for the readers that are interested in something different. It’s a different take on an urban fantasy novel, but I’m sure that readers will enjoy it as much as they can.


*Read on June 24th, 2016

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