Cry Wolf By Patricia Briggs

Oh, thank the Lord that Patricia Briggs finally made a series on Charles and Anna. I was about to go insane if one didn’t come out soon, but thank God that I wasn’t disappointed. This novel is just as good as the Mercy Thompson series. Hell, it goes right along with it so why wouldn’t it be. It’s one of those novels that no matter how many times you read it you’ll still always enjoy it. That’s one of the reasons why I love this series so much already.

Anna is having a hard time dealing with her newly found freedom. Now that Leo’s pack is no more she’s supposed to feel safer. However, now she just feels like a nervous wreck. Because she now has to meet the Marrok and be a part of his pack. Something that she would avoid at all costs if she could. However, now that she’s Charles’ mate she has to be a part of his pack. Charles just wants Anna to feel safe again, and he thinks that being around werewolves that won’t use her for their own gain will do her some good. Bran believes that this is a good idea as well, so the first thing he does is invite her to a funeral. One of a dear friend that Bran was forced to put down. Anna is beyond nervous for this funeral, but she does realize the good that it could do for her. The only thing that she isn’t really prepared for is a wolf, Asil, to touch her. However, this isn’t the only problem, because it seems that Asil has a death-wish, as well as a stalker too. One that he knows from his past, but doesn’t seem to remember. But this doesn’t matter, because she remembers him quite well. Anna and Charles are both caught up in the middle of this fight when the stranger goes after Anna. Asil and Charles are doing everything it takes to keep Anna safe. In fact they’re doing it so well that Anna decides to stop being a weakling once and for all.

This novel is most definitely an adult urban fantasy novel. It’s even got quite a bit of romance added in the mix as well. Making it an action-packed, ass kicking, adventure novel that would wow even the best of us. Which is very true for those of us who are Patricia Briggs fans. This novel also has a plot twist that is to die for. Granted it’s one that we’ve all read before, but it’s also new to this series. Which just means that this is a bonus for us readers. With this in mind my recommendation for the series is a very good one. This novel is well worth the read. It’s something new that has an idea that flares to life mid-story.


*Read on September 29th, 2008

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