Pleasure of a Dark Prince By Kresley Cole

  I really did enjoy this novel immensely. Even when I didn’t think that I would at all. It had so many surprises in it that I was captivated by it instantly. Especially when I found out that there were secrets involved. A novel is always better when you try to find out the character’s… Continue reading Pleasure of a Dark Prince By Kresley Cole

No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole

  I’m actually finding the series to be very entertaining to say the least. This novel in particular did a very good job of keeping me hooked. It has elements that even I wasn’t expecting, and because of this I was highly delighted. Which isn’t like me at all, to say the least. Kresley Cole… Continue reading No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole

Scent of Darkness By Christina Dodd

  I’ve read this novel about four different times now and I still love it. It’s actually one of the few novels that I happen to own. Because of this fact I simply can’t get away from this series no matter how hard I try. That’s just how good these novels truly are. They’ve got… Continue reading Scent of Darkness By Christina Dodd

Into The Flame By Christina Dodd

  Out of this whole series this novel was probably my least favorite. I was never really impressed with the main character, but I still loved the story’s plot. Which must say something about this novel because I still own it. And after reading it at least twice I still enjoy it. I still enjoy… Continue reading Into The Flame By Christina Dodd

Kiss of a Demon King By Kresley Cole

  I actually enjoyed this novel more than I thought I would. It didn’t seem all that interesting in the last novel, but I did only read that short little bit. It’s hard to tell anything about a novel when it’s first based on just a few pages. Which is what I ended up doing.… Continue reading Kiss of a Demon King By Kresley Cole

Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

I really do hate reading new novels a year or more after the last one in a series. It throws me off, an then I have to reread the whole series over again. And unfortunately that’s what I did with this novel. While I loved reading this one I couldn’t help but be aware that… Continue reading Grave Visions By Kalayna Price

Fire Touched By Patricia Briggs

Oh how I do love a good Patricia Briggs novel. This novel being included of course. You just can’t go wrong with any of them. What with all the drama and fantasy in them, it’s actually hard to stay away for long. The fact that they are all really good novels is what’s kept me… Continue reading Fire Touched By Patricia Briggs