Dark Desires After Dusk By Kresley Cole

Wow! I wasn’t even sure if I really wanted to hear this story, but I’m glad that I did. It didn’t actually bring a lot to the table whatsoever. However, I feel like this doesn’t matter if I enjoyed the story’s plot. Which I did immensely. I even took my time reading it, mostly due to the fact that I was moving at the time. If I hadn’t been, I would have had this novel done within a day or so. That’s how much I enjoyed the novel itself. It’s one that I’m very glad to have read and one that I’d love to read over again soon.

In this novel Cadeon gets to see his mate up close and personal. This is a huge step for him, because he knows that a demon can never truly be with a human. Except that Holly isn’t any normal human. She’s half human/half valkyrie. One that also just happens to be the Vessel of this time. Meaning that she’s in grave danger. Multiple fractions of the Lore want Holly for themselves, some even going as far as to try and kill her. But that won’t happen if Cadeon has anything to do with it. Cadeon needs Holly for himself, as a bargaining tool. If he trades Holly for a sword then he may be able to take back his brother’s crown. Because that sword is the only thing that can kill their enemy. Which means that Cadeon must give up his female for the greater good of his kingdom, while Holly is left in the dark about all of this. Holly has never felt as overwhelmed as she does now. One minute everything in her life was perfect and in the next minute she finds herself naked on an altar. Obviously something Holly’s life isn’t going according to plan and she’s got a sinking suspicion that it has to do with Cadeon. Cadeon tells Holly that he’s the only one who can help her with what she wants most. Which is to be human again. However, what Holly doesn’t know is that once her transformation is complete it can’t ever be reversed again.

This novel is just like the others within this series. It would also be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel, with a bunch of different aspects to it. Such as, demons, vampires, valkyries, fighting, drama, and of course that fiery passion. These aspects are what makes this novel so good. They’re combined in such a way that it leaves you wanting more. Even if you’ve already finished the novel itself. That’s just how they really hook you in. Making this novel one that you’ll hardly be able to put down. So as far as my recommendation goes, I’d have to say that this is a must-read novel. It will definitely keep you entertained for a while, and it certainly won’t disappoint you either. So go and pick this novel up at your nearest book store as soon as possible.


*Read on August 7th, 2016

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