Dead Heat By Patricia Briggs

This was a novel that I greatly enjoyed, and with good reason too. This novel was an excellent addition to this series and it even gives the previous novels a run for their money. It brought in some fresh and new ideas to the table and was quite the story to tell. But honestly, you can never go wrong with a Patricia Briggs novel. She’s a fantastic author and she really does deserve a lot of credit for it too.

Anna is tired of Charles always being the Enforcer. She’d like him to actually start spending some time with her when they’re not on an assignment. But lately it seems like they’re always on an assignment. Which is more than a little disappointing for her, but only because it’ll soon be her birthday. A day that Charles would be thrilled to celebrate. As it is he’s already planned on taking a little vacation with Anna. He’s even picked out the perfect place to take her and has even thought of the perfect present. An old friend of his owns a ranch that deals with horses, and Anna loves horses. So what better way to surprise her than to get her her very own. When their vacation first start s everything is going smoothly and they’re actually enjoying themselves for once. Until his friend’s son gets a call from his wife saying that she’s killing their children. When everyone races to the house they find the children locked in a bedroom, but safe. Their mother however is dying from blood loss that she inflicted onto herself. It was the only way to beat the compulsion that was set upon her. What’s even worse is that the magic is that of a fae and he’s just attacked the werewolf pack. When Anna and Charles look further into the matter they find that many children have been going missing. The only fae that has been known to take children like this would be the Child Snatcher. A fae that has long since been imprisoned. But what’s worse is the fact that another child has recently gone missing.

This novel is an urban fantasy novel through and through. Which is really all that we see with Patricia Briggs’ novels, and it’s exactly what we see with this one. It’s full of werewolves, fae, and vampires too. It even has a kick-ass couple, people with a lot of attitude, and a lot of wicked fighting. And of course there’s a bit of romance in it as well. But not too much, so that it doesn’t dilute it any. Add all of this plus the plot twist and you get a very good read. Mostly due to the fact that it has a very intricate plot twist which quite literally blew my mind. Leaving me to give a very good recommendation on its behalf, because it’s just that good. I highly recommend that all urban fantasy lovers take the time to read this novel. It’s definitely worth it and I’m very glad to have waited so long for it.


*Read on August 4th, 2015

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