Fair Game By Patricia Briggs


This novel was a fairly decent novel to read. I rather enjoyed all the witty banter and the decisions that went along with it. It made for quite an excellent novel. But if I’m being honest it would have been good regardless, for the fact that it’s one of Patricia Briggs’ novels. I still love all of her novels and will for quite a long time. They’re one of those series that you don’t mind reading over and over again. Because her novels always go right along with the trend.

Anna has finally had enough. Ever since the werewolves came out to the public Charles has been working harder than ever before. He’s being dispatched to people who have done some wrong, but not as much as it usually takes to get on his hit list. However, Bran can’t afford to be lenient right now. So Charles has to be his Enforcer 24/7. But not for long if Anna has anything to do with it. Anna goes directly to Bran about the matter in an attempt to put a stop to it. While Anna can get away with arguing with Bran it does come at a cost. Especially, when Bran lets his Alpha out. So in an attempt to get her out of his face Bran agrees to give Charles some time off. Time that Charles knows he needs, but that he’s not really happy about. He’s angrier about the fact that Anna went up against Bran to get it for him. He felt that it wasn’t her right to say anything about it. However, he is thankful to have some time off finally. Except, that Anna and Charles may not get that time off. Someone from the FBI needs their help. They have a serial killer that has been killing off random people and they think that Charles can help to find them. Because they’re not just random people that are being killed, they’re all supernaturals. And by helping out the FBI Anna and Charles may have just made this serial killer’s hit list.

This novel is just one of the many urban fantasy novels that’s in this series. It’s a fantasy novel that has many readers begging for more. Especially since it has romance, fighting, action, adventure, and a whole lot more. It has a lot to with its plot, and an even better plot twist. Making this a novel that belongs right in this series, and with the rest of Patricia Briggs’ novels. It’s just one of the many to die for urban fantasy novels that’s out there. Making my recommendations so much easier for me. This novel goes right along with the Alpha and Omega series, and if you already love the series like I do then you’ll love this novel as well.


*Read on November 29th, 2012

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