Fire Touched By Patricia Briggs

Oh how I do love a good Patricia Briggs novel. This novel being included of course. You just can’t go wrong with any of them. What with all the drama and fantasy in them, it’s actually hard to stay away for long. The fact that they are all really good novels is what’s kept me sane throughout the years. Seeing as I’ve had to wait a year in between every new novel that’s ever been written. Which starts to wear on a girl’s mind, mind you. Heck, I’m going to have to read the whole series over again just to remember everybody in the next one.

Just when Mercy thinks that she and Adam are on a break from the world exploding around them, they’re thrown another curve ball. However, this time Mercy doesn’t know exactly what’s going to happen. All she has is this gut feeling; and the walking stick showing up in her bed. So she knows that something is about to go down. The fact that a troll just randomly shows up on a bridge just proves her theory right. A theory that she wishes wasn’t proven at all. The troll was sent by the Gray Lords and now Mercy isn’t happy. In a trance-like state Mercy declares the Tri-Cities werewolf territory, and any harm done to it would be like attacking the werewolves themselves. A declaration that was sent to all paranormal creatures alike. So when Zee and Tad show up with a young boy she shouldn’t be surprised at all. But of course she is once she learns that the boy was left in Underhill for many many years. He was there for long so long that Underhill gave him a gift. The gift of fire. A gift that the fae would literally kill for. Which is exactly what they did to the other children that were trapped in Underhill with him. Now the Gray Lords are after him for their own gain, but Mercy isn’t having any of it. Adam and Mercy agree to have the boy for a day, until they learn more about him. However, they may not have that much time left if the fae can help it.

This novel is purely an urban fantasy novel through and through. This may have to do with the fact that it has werewolves, vampires, fae, fire dogs, and even trolls throughout the whole novel. Making it quite the mixture of fantasy creatures. One that hooks you in with a plot so good that you wouldn’t want to put it back down. The plot of this novel was definitely worth the wait, and the read as well. Making my recommendation a very good one, because this novel is a must-read. It helps to complete the series, all the while giving us fresh ideas at the same time. Which would be rather interesting for all urban fantasy lovers alike.


*Read on June 26th, 2016      

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