Hunting Ground By Patricia Briggs

I have actually been waiting on this novel for a long time now. To be fair though, it was the plot that I had actually been waiting for. It’s one of those that had to be written at one point or another, and I’m very glad that it was. It was truly wonderful and left a lot to the imagination of the readers. But then again if you are a fan of Patricia Briggs then how could it not. She’s one of those authors that knows exactly what we want in a novel, and boy does she deliver it to us.

Anna is starting to finally feel confident as Charles’ mate. She’s starting to understand the dynamics of the pack and her role within it. Her role could be the most important one or the most annoying one, depending on her mood. She’s also starting to realize the full extent to Charles’ role within the pack. His is the hardest one of them all and now he doesn’t have to face it all alone. However, Anna isn’t entirely comfortable with what Charles has to do at times. But she tries to accept it for his sake. Because there’s about to be a huge problem going down soon. Bran has decided that the wolves should finally reveal themselves to the public. However, a very powerful Alpha in Europe is dead set against the idea. He believes that the wolves have the upper hand by hiding who they really are. But Bran believes that showing themselves is the only way to save the peace that they currently have. So a gathering has been called to decide the fate of all the wolves, so Bran sends Charles and Anna in his stead. Only something isn’t quite right. Anna is attacked by a group of vampires well at this gathering. And it was determined that the vampires were using magic, pack magic that is. The only creatures I can pull on the pack magic are the wolves themselves, so something is off. The simple fact that someone is trying to hurt Anna and Charles just confirms that they may have a major problem on their hands.

This novel would be in the urban fantasy section of any bookstore. It’s the second novel in this series and it’s a wonderful one at that. This novel has everything that you could ever want in a novel. It has action, romance, mystery, fighting, and of course, a lot of drama too. Making this a novel that is definitely worth reading. The plot is captivating and has a twist that you can see coming, but that is wonderful anyways. It will sink its claws into you and never let you go if you let it. So as for my recommendation, I’d highly recommend that you read this novel soon. Or at the very least this series. It definitely won’t bore you and it’s one that you certainly won’t forget.


*Read on October 27th, 2009

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