Into The Flame By Christina Dodd


Out of this whole series this novel was probably my least favorite. I was never really impressed with the main character, but I still loved the story’s plot. Which must say something about this novel because I still own it. And after reading it at least twice I still enjoy it. I still enjoy this whole series actually. Heck, it’d be really hard not to with plots like these, and that’s saying something when it comes to me. It’s just type of series that’s not easily forgotten.


Firebird has been keeping a big secret from her family. She’s been keeping the father of her child a secret and it’s starting to kill her. Ever since she found out that she was pregnant she thought the worst of the father. After seeing him as a cougar by accident she just assumes that he was there to seduce her on purpose. She didn’t believe that he actually loved her, so she ran away. She left him behind and refuse to go back. She’s actually never really thought about it until she learned that she’s not her parents’ daughter after all. After having some time to think about it Firebird realizes the truth in her actions. That the father of her child is in fact her parents long lost son. So now she sets off to find him, and to tell him the truth. Along with the fact that she’s kept his son from him as well. Which just may be the deal-breaker for Doug. Because he swore that when he started a family he’d always be there for them, no matter what. So the fact that Redbird is back is just confusing to him. She left him and now that she’s back Doug wants nothing to do with her, and yet everything, to do with her. However, when it comes to her protection he’d go above and beyond for her and that’s exactly what he does. Because now his cousins are after him and nothing is going to stand in their way this time. Not even Firebird herself.


This novel would be an adult urban fantasy/romance novel. It was actually found in the romance section, but I feel like it could be in both. This novel has quite a few aspects going for it, and I feel like it was spot-on with each of them. It had fighting, romance, action, and adventure all rolled into one novel. And this was all without the twist that went with the plot. The plot twist wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it did make the novel worthwhile. It brought back that certain flare that we first saw in the very first novel. With this in mind my recommendation for this novel is a good one. I do recommend that this novel be given a try. It has new ideas and a flare that goes along with those ideas.




*Read on September 6th, 2014   


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