Into the Shadow By Christina Dodd


Out of this whole series this novel has to be my absolute favorite. It was both the characters and story plot that did it for me. I mean, honestly, it had me hooked from the very first page. And from then on I was committed. It’s just not very often that I get to read a novel that I like so much. So the fact that I read this novel in just today says it all. It’s still one of my favorites, even though I first read it years ago. And it’s one that I’m very proud to own as well.


Karen is damn good at what she does and she doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. Well, except her father who is never proud of her no matter what she does. Karen manages her father’s out-of-state construction sites and she runs a tight ship. Currently he’s trying to build a hotel high on the mountains. Mountains that are known for cursing people. However, Karen doesn’t believe in curses and is even starting to enjoy her stay as well. Mostly because of her mysterious night lover who comes to her almost every night. Adrik has gone far into his beast and is proud of it. He’s known as The Mighty Warlord and can strike fear into the bravest of men. Adrik isn’t known for his curiosity, but when it comes to Karen curiosity killed the cat. Adrik finds himself drawn to her and instead of leaving her be, he opted to visit her every night. He’s so intrigued by her that he goes as far as to kidnap her when the moment arises. He even goes as far as to put slave bracelets on her and tie her to his bed. Karen is both surprised and outraged at the same time when she discovers her mysterious lover is real. She had thought that her night lover was a dream and finding out that he was real is quite shocking. But not as shocking as the fact that now declares her to be his slave and to satisfy his every command. Now all that Karen can think about is trying to escape from him. However, that may prove harder than she originally thought.


This novel is an adult romance urban fantasy novel, and an amazing one at that. This novel will blow you away on the very first page. There’s just so much all at once that my senses were in constant overdrive. You just can’t help it. The multiple plot twists may have something to do with this as well. This just made the plot even better because of all the excitement that’s around it. It makes the reader want even more, and it’s already over with. Making this a novel that is going to be very hard to forget. So my recommendation for this novel is to pick it up at your nearest bookstore as soon as possible. That’s one that you’ll never forget about and that’s for sure. So if you’re an urban fantasy or romance lover, then go and get this novel today.




*Read on September 5th, 2014


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