Mirrored By Alex Flinn


This novel was a bit boring for my taste. I had originally thought that it’d be a rather entertaining one, but I see now that I was indeed mistaken. It’s taken me quite a bit of time to read, because the plot of this novel just wasn’t that great. I do believe that it wasn’t that well thought-out and that it could have been better written. To say the least, this wasn’t my favorite novel to read and it won’t be anytime soon.


Violet had a pretty awful childhood while growing up. She never had any friends and the one friend that she did have dumped her for someone else. She was never really pretty and was often teased by the other children for being ugly. Even her own mother wants nothing to do with her, unless it happens to involve herself. So when one of the popular girls gets especially mean to her she retaliates in a bad way. She made a dog attack the girl and scar her for life. The joke is on Violet though, because the man she loves still marries her bully. Now enter Celine, the daughter of the two. When Celine was all but of eight her mother was killed. When her mother took her Girl Scout Troop to the zoo a monkey escaped, attacked, and killed her. Leaving Celine to be motherless. But not for very long. Violets strolls back into her first love’s life and he ends up marrying her. At first everything was perfectly fine. But one remark on Celine’s beauty and all that came crashing down. Suddenly everything is after Celine. Whether it be animals or beauty products it doesn’t matter. Now Celine has only one best friend to help her out against the whole world. But even that doesn’t stop Violet forever. It seems to Celine that Violet really wants to get rid of her. And she’s afraid of what might actually happen to her in the long run.


This novel would be classified as a young adult urban fantasy novel. One that is quite certainly not all that. It’s actually a spinoff of the fairytale Snow White. A fairytale that we all grew up with. However, the author of this novel gave it his own twist and made it rather modern. Which is something that we can all relate to, without the magic of course. However, the plot was actually rather dull and the plot twist was easily recognizable. This made for a rather boring read and I actually wish that I hadn’t read it. So for my final recommendation on this novel I’d say that you’re better off looking somewhere else. This novel isn’t really worth your time and a better novel can be easily located elsewhere.


*Read on July 28th, 2016


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