No Rest for the Wicked By Kresley Cole


I’m actually finding the series to be very entertaining to say the least. This novel in particular did a very good job of keeping me hooked. It has elements that even I wasn’t expecting, and because of this I was highly delighted. Which isn’t like me at all, to say the least. Kresley Cole is turning out to be one of my top favorite authors in such a short time span. Right up there with Patricia Briggs and Jeaniene Frost, and that’s a very hard list to get on. Which just means something good about this author.


Kaderin has always been known as Cold Hearted. A long time ago she lost her two blood sisters in battle, all because of her. It was Kaderin who I decided to take pity on the vampire who murdered them, but it was the vampire who killed her sisters. She felt such guilt over them that she asked the gods to not let her feel anymore. And she hasn’t felt any emotions for a very long time since. But that all changes when she meets Sebastian. Kaderin was contacted by Sebastian’s village to take care of him permanently. However, for the second time in her life she hesitates. But that’s probably because he makes her feel again. Sebastian has longed for death since the day he was turned into a vampire. And who better than to give it to him then a beautiful woman. A woman who he seems to recognize as his own. When his heart starts beating again Sebastian doesn’t know what to think. All he knows is that she’s his, even when she refuses to believe it herself. So when she runs from him he gives chase. Chasing her straight down to the Hie, a mythical place hidden from vampires like him. A place that Kaderin doesn’t want to find him in. But she does, and when he enters the race she vows that nothing will stop her this time. That’s because the prize is a key. But not just any key. It’s a key that can turn back time for just a short while. This is the one price that Kaderin can’t lose. It’s also the same prize that Sebastian is prepared to win for her, so that he may win her affection as well.


This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that is full of ass-kicking, head bashing valkyries, and vampires alike. It has action, adventure, passion, and mystery all wrapped within its pages. In fact, it has so many different aspects to it that they can’t all be named. It’s the type of novel that will keep you up at night, because you want answers from it. The kind of answers that can only be found within the pages of the novel itself. So as far as my recommendation on whether or not you should read this novel goes, I’d say that you most definitely should. This novel won’t disappoint you in the least. In fact, it’ll have you begging for more in no time.




*Read on July 20st, 2016     


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