Pleasure of a Dark Prince By Kresley Cole


I really did enjoy this novel immensely. Even when I didn’t think that I would at all. It had so many surprises in it that I was captivated by it instantly. Especially when I found out that there were secrets involved. A novel is always better when you try to find out the character’s secrets. It hooks you in until you find out every single one of them. Which is exactly what this novel does to you. It draws you in and doesn’t let you go until the very end.


Lucia has never had it easy in her long life. First she’s tricked into leaving the only home she’s ever known. Then she marries a mad man that just wants to eat her living flesh. Forcing her to jump from a mountain to her death. Only she doesn’t die. She stuck in constant pain until her little sister takes her to a Goddess. One that vows to help her, but only if she remains pure for the rest of her life. Which is exactly what Lucia does and she hasn’t once been tempted away from her abilities. Until she meets Garreth. Garreth is the Prince of the Lyake and is in some people’s eyes the King. But that’s not the title that he wants for himself. All he wants is to find his mate and have his brother returned to him. So when he finds the woman that is to be his he couldn’t be more excited. The only problem is that his mate is a valkyrie, and is one that doesn’t want to be messed with. In fact, when he goes to confront her she seems to run away. So Garreth does the one thing that he knows how to do best. He chases after her. Because after all, lyake love to chase after things. Mates being high up on that list. But Lucia isn’t trying to run away from him, she’s trying to find an arrow that will kill her husband. A task that is next to impossible with Garreth always around.


This novel is just like the other novels within this series. It’s an adult urban fantasy novel, with a bit of romance in it. It’s a novel that we’ve recently been given a sneak peek into, but that is just now being brought to us. It’s full of excitement, wonder, and of course a good old-fashioned fight. It also has a few plot twists that we’re definitely worth the wait as well. They just thicken the plot and hook you in even more than you already were. Which just makes this novel even more entertaining than it already was. So my recommendation for this novel is a relatively good one. I highly recommend that you read this novel. It’s most definitely worth the wait and it’s worth the time to read as well. So if you haven’t already started this series go to your local bookstore or library and pick it up now!




*Read on August 14th, 2016     


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