Touch of Darkness By Christina Dodd


This novel was just as good as the first one in this series, if not better than it. It had everything that I was looking for in a novel, and the fact that I also own it says a lot as well. I’ve read this novel two or three times now and I still love it. Even though I already know exactly what’s going to happen, I still love rereading it. It just hooks me in every time and then it’s hard for me to put it down. Which is exactly what I need from a novel from time to time.


Rurik has a fear that’s been holding him back. He’s got a fear of heights and of flying. A fear that is unreal for him since he can shift into a hawk. One of the birds of prey. But his fear stem from the fact that he got his co-pilot killed. A mission went wrong when his co-pilot saw his eyes glow. He ejected his seat and landed in enemy territory. Ultimately killing himself. Rurik has never forgiven himself and refuses to even try. So just stop thinking about it he does his other job as an archaeologist. In fact the site that he’s currently working on is rumored to be the site of one of the Madonna pieces, an ancient relic that can help to free his family. And the site just became uncovered, so it’s now swarming with the media. Tasya is just one of the many who happened to swarm the area. Although she was invited to be there. She even tries to help the idiot who thought it was a good idea to try and go in first. A man is killed when he didn’t check for booby traps and the media was present. Now it’s going to be even harder for Rurik to get the Madonna piece, especially with Tasya always around him. Tasya is a distraction that he can’t afford right now. But he may not have a choice when his cousins start to hunt them.


This novel is an adult romance urban fantasy novel. One that’s not even better than the first one, because they’re both equal throughout the whole series. This novel is very intriguing and it probably has to do with the fact that it’s jam-packed full of everything. Whether it’s fighting, adventure, romance. There’s always something going on in this novel. Making the plot of this novel even better. Which in turn just makes my recommendation a very good one. Because this is without a doubt a must-read novel. It has a lot going on for it and I’m sure that other readers will see this as well.




*Read on August 20th, 2014


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