Deep Kiss Of Winter: Tempt Me Eternally By Gena Showalter

Oh la la, what a steamy romance novel that this was. Of course it’s been so long since I’ve read this one that is going to seem steamy to me. But that’s beside the point. This novel was an excellent addition to the rest of the series. It brought a little bit of new information to the table, while giving us a new story as well. It’s one that certainly won’t be forgotten anytime soon, and it’s one that I’m glad to have read as well.

In this novella Aleaha is on a mission. Her very first mission since being in the AIR. This mission is meant to recover all of the disease-ridden people who are about to show up. The ones that serve the Queen who wants to destroy them all. However, Aleaha is actually pretending to be Macy. A golden girl who joined the AIR after making her way to the top of the police department. Aleaha found Macy’s body in an alleyway and decided that she needed a new cover. She’s currently on the run and being able to change forms definitely helps her out some. However, now she’s on the front line and is expected to perform perfectly. Which she may have actually done if Breean didn’t show up. Breean is a Rashka, or one of the golden skinned. There Rashka are usually known for being peaceful, but Breean is anything but peaceful. Breean’s home planet was taken over by the same disease that is spreading on Earth. All the females were the first to go and now Breean has only a few warriors left with him. In response to this disease Breean took command and trained his men to fight it. Now they just need a new home to live on, one that is hopefully disease-free. However, Breean soon finds out that Earth isn’t disease-free and now he has to make a decision that may cost him.

The novella definitely belongs with the rest of this series. It could only be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel, with a bit of romance added into the mix. It’d be hard not to classify it as such, since it revolves around aliens and human hybrids. Making it and all you have left that definitely is worth talking about. The parts of the snow level it is very addicting. It has such a beautiful background to it, but you can’t help but love it. The characters are exact opposites, and yet they are exactly the same. Which makes the novel even more interesting. So as far as my final recommendation goes on the smell of Love, I’d say that you should at least give it a shot. Especially if you’re really into this series. And if you’re not then you should go and pick this series up stat!


*Read on January 8th, 2012

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