Deep Kiss of Winter: Untouchable By Kresley Cole

Well this novella certainly cleared up a few things. I’ve been wondering about these characters for a while now and was even helping to read this story soon. Mostly because of the male character to be honest, because I had actually forgotten about the female character. It made the other novels easier to understand. However, I’m wondering why it came so late within this series. It could have been brought up sooner in the series and still made sense. But I’m sure the suspense is what the author was really looking for with this novella.

In this novel Murdoch finally gets a taste of his own medicine. He’s always been known as the womanizing brother and it’s starting to get a little old to him. Especially, once he sure that he’s found his one woman. A female that’s all his and nobody else’s. But unfortunately she’s a valkyrie. One known as the Ice Maiden, with skin so cold that she can burn people. It’s vice versa with other people touching her as well. If anyone brushes her skin by accident then Danii feels unbearable pain. It’s to the point that Danii has never been touched by another person in her whole life. The only people who can actually touch her are the ones that want to kill her. So when Murdoch starts to show her some attention, which forms into attraction, Danii jumps all over it. The fact that she’s a vampire’s long-awaited Bride is enough to make her ecstatic. But Murdoch himself is still a little skeptical on the matter. After watching his brother suffer for five years at the hands of a valkyrie he doesn’t know if he can trust one. But if it’ll get rid of the pain that’s plaguing him he’s willing to give it a try. But it’s what comes after the pleasure that throws him. Murdoch finally realizes how cold that Danii can be and just how fierce that she can get.

The novella follows right along with the rest of this series. It’s an adult urban fantasy novel, with quite a few different aspects to it. It has passion, despair, anger, humiliation, and of course fighting to go along with it. But in this one there’s also the fiery fury of the Ice Queen. The plot of this novella is quite a good one itself. It has that forbidden love thing going on. Especially, since they quite literally can’t touch at all. Making this novella one to behold, that’s for sure. It’s quite the read and it’ll leave you wanting more. So as for my final recommendation on this novella, I’d say that it’s a definite must-read. It’ll certainly entrance you into wanting to read the next novel, so it’s best to have it nearby when you’re finished with this one.

*Read on August 11th, 2016                                                                                                                                

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