Shadow Rites By Faith Hunter

This was actually a rather exciting novel. It had everything that I loved in it, along with all of the characters that I love as well. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the mention of the EV’s. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to read about them. While all I get is a brief mention here and there. I’m ready to finally read a novel all about them and I hope that I do rather quickly. Otherwise, I may actually get very bored with this series. Which I’m hoping not to do.

Jane can seriously never catch a single break. Heck, even when she’s trying to sleep things are trying to kill her. Which is exactly what happens, and is the main reason as to why she was woken up. Upon feeling a fiery burning sensation on her arm Jane is thrown wide awake. Something doesn’t feel right and it’s not just the pain in her arm telling her this. When Jane decides to go into the Gray Between she finds that a strange green magic is in her house. So without a second thought she goes and grabs the brothers and they all race outside. Something is attacking their home and they’re definitely going to find it. What’s a surprise is what they actually find. Which is two witches doing a magical trace of their home. This leads to an all-new problem when it looks like they also have control of other people. One of those people being Gee, who attacks Jane on command. Gee almost kills Jane, which raises a problem. If he can be influenced by these witches then who else can. Well the answer to that is everyone and it’s even proven. The witches can make a magical gas that can affect people. It can be breathed into their systems like regular air, and used against them at a later time. Which can be rather deadly itself. So now Jane has to find a way to protect her whole family from these witches, even if it means from herself as well.

This is the tenth novel in this series and it’s just as good as the others. This is an urban fantasy novel at its finest, but with a few other aspects to it of course. It’s got plenty of drama, fighting, vampires, and all with that little bit of romance added to the mix. Making this novel quite the sight to behold. This novel has really lived up to my expectations, and has surprised me greatly. Faith Hunter is an exceptional author and has proven herself to be time and time again. Making my recommendation for this novel a very good one. This novel is a definite must-read for this series. Especially for those of us who are addicted to amazing urban fantasy series such as this one.


*Read on July 4th, 2016

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