Ticker By Lisa Mantchev

I will start out by saying that this isn’t usually the type of novel that I would pick to read. For starters, the very first chapter really bored me and made it to where I kept putting it off. Secondly, I can’t get a good feel on what genre this novel would/could be classified as. It seems to bounce all over the place and keeps giving me mixed signals. These are two things that were really hard to ignore at times. But once I did I actually started to enjoy the novel somewhat.

Penny is a unique individual amongst everyone else. This has to do with the fact that she has a clockwork heart. Her ticker is the only thing that’s helping to keep her alive, but it won’t for long. In fact, it’s about to give up any day now, and has even stopped more than once. So being stressed out it’s something that she can afford to be at the moment. Unfortunately for her, the doctor and family friend that did her surgery is on trial. Trial for murder! In his attempt to make her ticker better he kidnapped and experimented on people. Leaving the body count at over a dozen. Penny is actually on her way to pick up her twin for the trial when their factory blows up. With her brother still inside. Penny being Penny goes in to rescue her twin and gets an earful for it. But that’s not all. When they went back to their home they find that it’s been ransacked. The people who did it came for their parents and ended up kidnapping them. Now they’re demanding that Penny and her brother give up all the research on her ticker for her parent’s lives. But the real kicker is when Warwick, the doctor, escapes from his trial. Now he’s on the loose again and all he wants is Penny. And with his body count going up a lot faster, Penny has to make an even faster decision.

This novel is a wonderful example of a stand-alone steampunk novel. It was beautifully written and even had a few wonderful surprises added into the mix. This novel is full of drama, mystery, some romance, and of course that steampunk era feel to it. Lisa Mantchev created a world that many have tried and failed to create themselves. It’s a world that we can definitely see happening, but that we hope doesn’t ever happen. But that is the nature of what most steampunk novels feel like. However, due to my mixed feelings about this novel I’m only giving it a two star rating. My recommendation for this novel is that while it is confusing at times, it could at least be given a try. It’s a novel that steampunk readers out there will enjoy, but not the romantic readers themselves.


*Read on July 23rd, 2016

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