Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night By Kresley Cole

This novel actually took me for quite a spin. I thought that it’d be about one of the valkyries like it has been before. So when I found out that it wasn’t I was, needless to say, surprised. However, this is a story that I desperately wanted to hear and I’m actually very glad that I didn’t have to wait for it. Which just makes me love Kresley Cole even more, because most authors would have kept me waiting way too long.

Bowen has suffered for a long time now. It’s been almost two centuries since his mate died, and he’s not getting any better. He’s lost a lot of weight and he even has others thinking he’s crazy. But he knows that he’s not. All that Bowen has left is the fact that he thinks that she’ll come back to him. Even Nix admits to him that if he joins the Hie he’ll find his mate. However, when it comes to winning the prize that can help him, he actually loses. Leaving him to curse his life and the witch that helped to destroy it. Bowen believes that Mari put a spell on him. A spell that is slowly starting to eat at him. It’s making him believe that she’s his mate when he knows that she’s not. Even though that’s the case he still has to go back for her, because she never made it back from his trap. A trap that has left her in the dark for three weeks with dangerous fae. Mari knew she was in trouble the moment that Bowen removed her cloak. Heck, she even knew it was a bad idea to kiss him, but she did it anyways. Now she’s going to regret her actions for leading her to her current situation. One that has left her in the dark without food or water to survive on. She doesn’t know if Bowen is coming back for them, but if he does she’s going to make him regret ever leaving her there.

This novel would be classified as an adult urban fantasy novel. One that fits this series perfectly. It has adventure, ass-kicking fights, a strong female character, and of course passion to boot. In fact it has so much added to it that it’s all too hard to describe. It’s just one of those novels that just keeps giving. The plot to this novel is actually one that’s to die for. It draws you in and then it doesn’t let you go. Not until you finish the whole novel that is. It’s just so compelling that you have to try and finish it all within one day. Otherwise, you’ll be desperate for more. So my recommendation on this novel would be that you need to pick up right now. Not only this one, you need to read this whole series, because it certainly doesn’t disappoint in any way shape or form.


*Read on July 23rd, 2016

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