Flameout By Keri Arthur


I truly did enjoy this novel immensely. It just has a certain flare to it that has caught my eye. Of course this could be because of the fact that this is a novel based on phoenixes. A novel that I can’t see being written by anyone else but Keri Arthur. It has a uniqueness that can’t just be written by anyone in general. Which of course is why this novel, and this series, is just so good.

Ever since Emberly found out who the leader of the red cloaks is she’s been a wreck. Mostly because of the simple fact that it Sam’s older brother. The same brother that Sam thought he killed a year before. So just to be sure that it is indeed his brother, Sam makes the decision to dig up his grave. And since its Emberly that he’s been focused on she decides to be there as well. Only the whole thing is a trap. Luke knows that Sam and Emberly would have to see it themselves, so he hatched a plan. Luke now has a powerful witch on his side and this witch has found a way to bind Emberly’s powers. Putting Emberly in a very dangerous situation. Because Emberly gets her fire from the Mother and the Mother’s fire burns hotter than any other fire. Meaning that the spell that the witch wove can only work for a little while. Emberly can still reach her fire, it just takes a whole lot more effort to do it now. Which can also put her in danger with the Mother’s power as well. The longer that Emberly draws on her power the greater the chance that she could meld with her forever. A fate that Emberly wants to avoid at all cost if she can. However, it’s a fate that she may soon get well acquainted with, because with her fire being bound she is getting closer to the Mother then she’s ever wanted​ to be. And with Luke’s witch still on the loose Emberly is still in a whole lot of danger.

This novel would be considered an adult urban fantasy novel with a hint of romance in it. It’s a novel full of different types of characters, with different types of characteristics. Because each one has something unique and special about them. One being that this novel is about phoenixes, which is an aspect that most authors don’t use. It’s one that is positively unique to this series and it was written beautifully. It’s compelling, exciting, and has a kick-ass heroine that many women would love to be. Making this novel a force to be reckoned with. So as far as my recommendation goes it’s a good one. Because this novel is a definite must-read for this series. And if you haven’t even read this​ series yet I suggest you pick it up, it definitely won’t disappoint you.


*Read on December 24th, 2016

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